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Winner Hackathon Millenium Web Meeting

Grand Prize and RTBF Prize winner

Millenium web meeting is a 3 day hackathon organised for the first time in december 2016. The goal was to create a game-documentary concept and create a prototype for it.

We were the grand prize winners and the RTBF prize winners. We were shocked and super happy to win with our game-doc concept.

Our little group was the only one that started with no idea and no connection to eachother. Together we created The Equilibrium. A game that guides you through the day of a person with an anxiety disorder. You make choices and try to balance your emotions and try to avoid a panic attack.

We created this game to raise more awareness for anxiety disorders or mental disorders in general. Myself and Aron Van Es created this promo video after the game documentary.

This concept was created by myself and :