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Nothing is #FFFFFF or #000000

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I appreciate the beauty and technicality of things, which makes Interactive Multimedia Design a perfect choice for me. I graduated my high school years as a photographer and after five years of working and soul searching I decided to go back to school! So now I'm a student IMD at Thomas More Mechelen.

I love working in design and development , I believe this is a match made in heaven. Diving into new frameworks , finding new design trends and going to hackathons are just a few ways of how I integrate IMD into my private life.

In my spare time I love reading, good movies, making costumes/clothing ,tending my vegetable garden, photography and arts and crafts. I'm also a huge animal lover which is why I own 3 cats, 8 chickens and 2 ducks.

Of course my design work never goes unnoticed by my cats so they become my harshest critics. Which means it's good if they fall asleep on it.

Im really good at:


Web Design

Adobe cc

For a full list of my skills please download my cv here

Download my cv here

Some stats

200 cups of tea

gone cold while coding

5 snacks

a day on average

8 hours

of music per day

A lot of



Here are some of my latest and greatest.
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Icon Design
IMDterest PHP Project
Student job at Summer Of Code 2016
google doodle star wars day
Weather App
Hackthon Millenium Web Meeting
the 404 who said ni
light artifact
realistic 3d design


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Beerzel, Belgium
Phone: +32 479373002
Email: walgrave.hanna@hotmail.com

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